A Day in the Life

What kind of calls do we receive on a typical day?

"I just had a baby yesterday..."
"Can you pick me up at the hospital and help me with clothes?"
"I have no teeth..."
"Can you help me with dentures?"
"Can you give me a ride to Leamington..."
"when I am released from jail."
"Can you help me..."
"not with first months rent, but last month's rent when I move."
"I owe a cash-advance agency a lot of money..."
"How do I go bankrupt?"
"Can I talk to you?..."
"My brother passed away yesterday."
"We are new to Windsor..."
"We need a bed, bedding, table, chairs and a dresser."
"We received a hydro cut-off notice..."
"We do not have money to pay the bill, can you help?"
"We have no milk, meat or eggs..."
"Can you help me and my three kids with food vouchers? My youngest daughter needs diapers too."
"My brother is dying in London..."
"Can you help get me a bus ticket?"
"I have a hard time seeing..."
"Can you help with prescription eye glasses?"
"Can you do a funeral..."
"for my Mother?"
"I need bus tickets for my appointments..."
"at the methadone clinic, my psychiatrist and my probation officer."
"My boyfriend and I split up and we've been evicted..."
"Can you help me find and move to a new place?"
"Can you pick us up..."
"and bring us to the food bank?"
"I have to buy some items for my children's lunches..."
"Can you help?"
"Can you help me get steel-toe shoes..."
"for being hired at 'Labour Ready'?"
"I did not know you had mentoring services..."
"Could you assign me with a mentor?"

Only you can help us keep answering the calls for help.

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