We go to those in need

because everyone deserves hope.

To Donate or Request Furniture, please call (226) 350-1863

We serve our Brothers and Sisters in need throughout the City of Windsor, cooperating with all relevant agencies.

We now accept etransfer for donations!

Please etransfer your donation to Second Chance Ministry (Click Here). If you have any questions regarding etransfers or Tax Receipts, please email the Treasurer, Rosalie Hebert.

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Who We Are

Second Chance Ministry is an outreach ministry to those in our community who are in immediate need of practical and/or spiritual assistance.

Initiated by Mr. Michael J. Rovers, our ministry aims to serve those who are poor, struggling or marginalized from society.

We are all volunteers. Nobody gets paid, everyone contributes. We depend on your generosity to continue to offer help and hope.

Michael J. Rovers

Our Mission

Basic Daily Help

To provide immediate, practical, charitable help to those requesting assistance on a daily basis (i.e. food vouchers, bus tickets, help with dentures, eye glasses, rides, or spiritual and emotional support).


To mentor individuals or couples in order to lift them out of social environments, which on an on-going basis, may get a person in trouble. Quite a few men and women tend to be very lonely as they may have ‘burned their bridges,’ and often have been ‘written off’ by their families. They need a caring, positive and encouraging presence in their lives.

Bureaucracy Assistance

To walk those in need through bureaucracy. This includes help with bankruptcies, evictions, registrations, bill payments, appointments, etc. As such, we cooperate with all relevant agencies.

We’ve been busy


Average number of calls we receive daily. Although, we commonly receive more.


Average number of visits we make daily.

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Number of visits we have made over the last 5 years.

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Number of children we have directly or indirectly helped over the last 5 years.

Become a Volunteer

We are looking for people who are willing to give of their time.

The hours required are based on your availability.

Could you live on $50 a week aside from housing?

Social Assistance

At present, a person on O.W. (Ontario Works), welfare or ‘social assistance’ receives a maximum of $733 a month out of which rent needs to be paid.

Employment Challenge

It’s harder for people with police records to find employment.


Recidivism (a return to correctional custody) in Ontario jails is very high.


A great many people on welfare suffer from depression.

Poor Diets

Poor people have poor diets.

Lack of Education

Partly due to issues facing their ‘family of origin’, many of those in need, did not finish highschool.

We depend on your generosity to continue our mission

Second Chance Ministry became a registered charity on November 26, 2010.

All people involved with our charity are volunteers. Nobody gets paid.

0 %

of your donation goes directly to helping people in need.

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goes toward our operating costs consisting of vehicle maintenance, vehicle and personal insurance, stationary and stamps. We have no office to maintain.

A Registered Charitable Organization #835113465RR0001

We now accept etransfer for donations!

Please etransfer your donation to Second Chance Ministry (Click Here). If you have any questions regarding etransfers or Tax Receipts, please email the Treasurer, Rosalie Hebert.

You Should Know

0 %

of all calls for help come from Mothers and Grandmothers.


Individuals or families we help every year with rent and/or hydro bill, storage unit costs and out of town bus tickets.

0 +

Kilometers we drive every year to go to people who request our help.


People we refer to dentists or denturists every year and help with co-payments if required.


People we assist with births, reunions, and funerals every year.

$ 0

Fuel costs every week (not counting vehicle maintenance and insurance).


Hours per day we are on the road helping people.


Number of volunteer hours we contribute every year.

What They Are Saying

  • "I don't know where I'd be without the help of Second Chance."

    L.M. Second Chance Ministry Recipient
  • "Because of my addiction, I have need more than one 'second chance', I'm grateful for that."

    M.R. Second Chance Ministry Recipient
  • "Second Chance brought new hope to me."

    B.L. Second Chance Ministry Recipient
  • "I know that I have not been the best person, but you never judged me and I thank you for that."

    T.G. Second Chance Ministry Recipient
  • "Second Chance is there for us in needy times."

    R.M. Second Chance Ministry Recipient
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