Krystal’s Story

Krystal’s Story

Second Chance Ministry (SCM) is an example of excellence in this community. I am only one of hundreds the ministry is dedicated to helping and saving. They not only gave me a second chance, but a third and fourth until I got it right. I was at a difficult time in my life. I had reached a point of hopelessness, weighed by despair. I was living a life of hell, that Mike fearlessly, walked into giving me a second chance with faith.

For every lost battle, SCM fought to bring me back; never judging me or condemning me for my mistakes. SCM was there to help anyway they could, reaffirming my faith and helping me fight my demons. I was lost, but having SCM in my corner encouraging me, I was able to turn my life around. I have completely restored my life and continue to grow and get stronger.

Mike and Second Chance Ministry are more than a resource for me. Mike is a friend and mentor. I’m one of SCM’s biggest fans and proof that if you take a leap of faith, with good support, you can overcome the darkest situation.

Krystal Houser


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